Coulter Cadillac

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Coulter Cadillac recently completed a complete makeover of their dealership in Phoenix. The renovation features a beautiful tiled Service Drive that is a focal point of their new look. The tile is the first thing that customers see when bringing their cars in for service so the tile is an image setter for them. After three short months, despite the fact that it was being cleaned nightly by their service provider, the cleanliness of the tile became a point of frustration for the management team.

ProEthic was invited to test two different methods to clean the tile. Both of these tests involved more aggressive, but safe, cleaning solutions with a proper dwell time. These solutions were paired with two different cleaning methods to agitate the cleaning solutions. The first was a microfiber mop, and the second we used a Square Scrub machine with a soft brush pad.

In looking for answers ProEthic inspected the automated floor scrubber that was used to clean the tile every night. We found that the scrubber was not being maintained correctly and the scrubber head bristles were less than 1/3 of its original length and were not making good contact with the tile. The biggest culprit of all was that the dirty water intake screens were plugged with debris, making it nearly impossible to get all of the dirty water off of the driveway.

coulBoth of these tests showed great results immediately, retuning the tile to its original color.
a1Filter screens on dirty water intake had not been maintained and were in poor condition,  reducing suction and negatively effecting the machines ability to pick up dirty water.
ProEthic committed to a free deep clean of the Service Drive, and to placing a new T5 scrubber in the facility to keep the tile looking great every day.