Scottsdale Bible Church

Like the professional athlete we are always looking to find the unique solution and to improve.

Worship_Center_1-minScottsdale Bible Church’s in house facilities team had a challenge. The time required to clean after Sunday services was creating a spike in their workload, and was pulling attention away from other facility needs. Scottsdale Bible needed a way to reduce this Monday spike, but to maintain staffing levels the remainder of the week. ProEthic was approached and asked to supplement the in house team by cleaning The Worship Center Auditorium after each use. This required flexibility by ProEthic to be available on a fluctuating schedule, particularly during holidays.

The great people at Scottsdale Bible made this an easy decision and a win for both organizations. The Worship Center Services performed by ProEthic include weekly hot water extraction spot cleaning for any carpet stains, complete cleaning of the foyer and lobby areas, and a full clean of the auditorium. ProEthic takes great pride in these type of relationships, and our work shows it!