Studio 41

ProEthic is very excited to welcome Studio 41 to Arizona! This case proves that sometimes the path is winding, but in the long haul, character always wins! ProEthic was introduced to Studio 41 via a Sales Executive walking into the front door of Studio 41’s offices and warehouse on the Scottsdale Airstrip. ProEthic’s timing could not have been better; Studio 41 had just moved into the facility and was in the midst of a showroom opening a few blocks away. Immediately, the two teams made a connection, and we began our partnership. First Studio 41 needed their new warehouse cleaned, ProEthic realizing that this was a hectic time for Studio 41 offered to complete the clean three days later. ProEthic had already provided service quotes for the warehouse and the Studio 41 showroom. In this case there wasn’t time to get paperwork approved so ProEthic offered to complete the clean at no charge. The job was expected to take 6 person hours to complete.

The path begins to wind…ProEthic had made a mis-calculation on the time to clean the warehouse floor. Twenty person hours later ProEthic was done, but not satisfied with the condition of the warehouse floor. Our friends at Studio 41 appreciated the effort and our commitment to stay and complete the job. ProEthic immediately owned up to our mistake, and agreed to honor our original quote even though the contract was not yet signed. ProEthic decided to permanently place a $4,500 piece of floor scrubbing equipment into the warehouse at no charge, to remedy the situation.

ProEthic could have removed ourselves from the situation, or increased the price previously quoted. However, ProEthic was founded on a belief that the building services industry lacked professionalism, honesty, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our mistake, gave us a great opportunity to back up our words, and prove that we are different!

Studio 41 was thrilled, and they have been raving about the Image of their new showroom!

IMG_0444The sun is rising as ProEthic begins the post construction clean at Studio41’s beautiful Scottsdale Showroom, just off North Greenway-Hayden Loop.
IMG_0452The beginning of a relationship built on great service and trust. The leadership of our two organizations. (you don’t get this job without being great at brightwork!!)