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core purpose

Improving the work lives of everyone engaged with our organization.


our leadership team

our values:


Our building services team can be counted on, we are reliable, consistent, we have timely responses, we are courteous and enthusiastic.


We live by the rules, we comply with all laws and regulations, we work hard to understand the needs of those we work with, and we respect all boundaries.


We respect all people, we don’t see ourselves in a manner of hierarchy, but as team members working toward a common goal. We are happy to serve.


Our attitude is to respond quickly and effectively, always. This attitude shows passion and competitiveness.

Tough Minded

We do what is right, not what is easy or expedient. We don’t sacrifice our principals or long term gains for short term results. We have tough conversations.


Repeating best practices and doing things in a systematic way reduces stress and work time while delivering better results.

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